The Founder

Marcus Boehm was born in 1984 and, after completing his studies in Business Administration at the University of Jena, initially started his career in the business and science sector. 

This was followed by external research activities for the Max Planck Institute of Economics in Jena and the University of Nurnberg. In addition to independent enterprises, Marcus Boehm worked as a corporate risk manager at Schenk and as a strategy consultant for the ThyssenKrupp Group. For several years he worked as managing director of a medium-sized company.

With these entrepreneurial experiences Marcus engaged in a consulting company and focusing on international M&A transactions. Based on the acquired knowledge and skills, Marcus made the decision in 2015 to start his own business. With the aim of making important art accessible to a wide range of interested parties as a new investment class, the Lipsia Group emerged!

The Story

Apart from his positions in business and science, Marcus always felt a strong attraction to the creative community and visual arts. Inspired by visits to galleries and museums and early influenced by his mother artistic and creative talent, Marcus became more and more fascinated by the world of contemporary art.


So, after completing his studies, he started his first private art collection. While acquiring his first artwork, Marcus was so intrigued by the personality and creativity of the artist that this experience led him to the idea of starting further cooperation. Marcus’ many years of experience as an independent entrepreneur, as managing director and as a strategy consultant were thus an ideal complement to the creative works of his artistic friends.


After years of non-binding but very fruitful cooperations in the art sector, the idea emerged to organize the activities in a more formal manner. arcus wanted to bring in his views and ideas from other sectors in order to add value to artists and collectors. Following this, Lipsia Fine Arts arise.

Lipsia Fine Arts

Headquarters of Lipsia Fine Arts is the historic center of Leipzig. We work with local partners at key art trading venues as well as at social hotspots worldwide.

Lipsia Fine Arts specializes exclusively in trading "blue chip art". We work closely with vendors such as collectors, artist studios and the artists themselves in this field. Lipsia Fine Arts is primarily committed to the interests of its portfolio stakeholders but it is also part of our mission to contribute to regional cultural diversity at our locations.

In particular, we see as fulfilling this purpose with making the works of our portfolio available to the public, as well as tob e in close discourse with local art industry institutions and interest groups to promote their concerns.