Welcome to Lipsia Fine Arts

Lipsia Fine Arts buys, holds and manages its own portfolio of artwork.

With our finance company, we collect equity from national and international investors. The purpose of our fund is the specific acquisition of "Blue Chip Art".

With deep market knowledge and close connection to the main trading venues, we focus on sourcing Artwork from a tight selection of leading artists such as Gerhard Richter, Ed Ruscha and Jean-Michael Basquiat.

A core mission of LFA is to make our artworks accessible to the public during the hold period in our portfolio. All our works circulate in exhibitions, collections or as a loan for museums.

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Lipsia Fine Arts dispose over Equities to realise Art Aqutions every time in a very fast process up to 5 mio. € single transaction volumes.  Our financial Recources were provided by private investors, family offices and alternative investment firms. We act independet from Bank financing. All artworks get aquired by the Lipsia Fine Arts portfolio company and remain for the entire investment duration in our property.


Our approach is to supply significant works of art on favorable terms for our stakeholders. For the acquisition of artworks, we specialize in the German market as well as the main trading venues New York and Los Angeles. Through our many years of market presence, we have exclusive access to private collectors, artist studios and institutions.


During the investment phase, we continuously look after the portfolio balance with regard to the market development of the respective segment and position in the life cycle of the individual investment. We analyze the market and make the selection about invest and de-invest times. We manage the exhibition of works as well as their lending and positioning in institutions with a view to the long-term development of their significance.


Art unfolds its utility and value only if it can be seen. Its a core principle to make the works of our portfolio accessible to the public at all times. During our holding period, all our acquisitions will be permanently exhibited. We make the works of art available on loan to museums, in collections or in companies open to the public.


We focus a mid- to long term investment duration of minimun 5 up to 12 years, from acquisition to planed exit. The holding period is activly utilized to positon the works in the marked and arrange the placement in appropriate exhibitions and prestigious collections to develop the artwork in the long term, even after our commitment.

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Gerhard Richter




SIGMAr polke

Robert rauschenberg

peter doig

cy twombly

ed ruscha

andy warhol